Getting Started

Troy Spreeuw
August 30, 2023
2 mins

I have a hard time getting started. Lots of people have heard me say “every beginning leads to more effort” and though this is generally true, momentum often makes my projects and personal work much easier. When I get bogged down I find that just doing one small thing each day and building on it works the best.

Today I am starting a huge new project that will likely define much of what I do in the next ten years of my life. This project has been in the planning stages for years and moving forward will require discipline as well as considerable time and money. I am optimistic that I will persevere.

If your personal practice or self-improvement is stuck don’t beat yourself up or worry about what is next. You should just take an interval to consider what is important to you and make one small step forward.

Don’t have a goal? That’s easy! Keeping a journal is always a good first step and plenty hard enough. It’s been my experience that what is important to you will reveal itself as you reflect on what you put in your journal.

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