The Mystic Tye Intro and RWBr. Wes Regan

The Mystic Tye is a podcast for Freemasons.

I intend to curate a environment where brethren and other aspirants can discuss ideas in a civil and productive way. We will not be afraid to tackle controversial or difficult topics, but all discussions will be done in a respectful and understanding manner. With the forbearance exemplified by our ancient brethren we will labour in the quarry together to prepare the stones of our thoughts and actions. All these prepared for the temple not made with hands.

A few weeks ago I caught up with Right Worshipful Brother Wes Regan to record this brief sample episode. Wes and I talk a little bit about this project and some topics he would like to cover on his recurring visits.

RWBr. Wes Regan
October 7, 2023

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