“The Grand Communication” interview with Dr. Nathan Schick

Dr. Nathan Schick was brought to my attention by Jaime Paul Lamb at Tria Prima Press. Br. Schick and I discuss his new book “The Grand Communication”, we discuss what led him to become a Freemason, and how the REAL secret of The Craft is “Gumbo.”

Nathan Schick is a faculty member in the School of History, Philosophy, and Religious Studies at Arizona State University. He has been a Freemason and active member of Glendale Lodge #23 since 2017, where he currently serves as Senior Warden. He is a master ritualist and master lecturer under the Grand Lodge of Arizona. He has been avidly homebrewing beer, cider, and wine for over a decade.

Tria Prima Press https://triaprima.co/tria-prima-press/


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https://triaprima.co/2023/12/21/the-grand-communication-episode/ - BUY THE BOOK

Dr. Nathan Schick
April 11, 2024

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