Freemasonry and Conspiracy Theories

Bro. Wes Regan joins me to talk a little about our involvement in organizing Grand Masonic Day 2024, which is scheduled for May 25. Br. Chris Hodapp has been formally announced as keynote speaker this year. Wes will also be speaking, presenting some of his research about attacks on Freemasonic buildings.

We talk a little about his interest in why conspiracy theories are so influential in modern society and how we both came to The Craft from this common interest.

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Br. Chris Hodapp personal blog:

Br. Wes Regan has been an active Freemason since 2008. He is a paster Master of Mount Hermon Lodge No. 7 where he was initiated, passed, and raised and is also a past Master of University Lodge No 91 (Now Acacia No. 22) and the Vancouver Lodge of Education & Research. Wes’ masonic research and thoughts have been published in leading Masonic journals and magazines including the Journal of the Masonic Society, Philalethes: The Journal of Masonic Research & Letters, California Freemason Magazine, and The Lamp. He was also the Editor in Chief of the Grand Lodge of BC & Yukon’s 150th Anniversary Magazine. Wes served as Junior Grand Deacon for the Grand Lodge of BC & Yukon in 2014-2015 and District Deputy Grand Master in 2018-2019. He is also an active member of Valley of Vancouver Scottish Rite and Joppa Chapter No 31 Royal Arch as well as other appendant/concordant bodies. Professionally, Bro. Regan has worked in planning and public health for nearly fifteen years and in multiple levels of government. He holds a BA in Geography and Master’s of Urban Studies from Simon Fraser University and is currently completing his PhD in Planning at the University of British Columbia where he received the 2023 Public Scholar Initiative Award and Bombardier Fellowship for Sustainable Transportation. His dissertation research focuses on the impacts of digital misinformation and populist anti-governmental conspiracy beliefs on public policy discourse and the relationship between publics and governments in planning processes. In his free time Wes enjoys boxing, archery, cycling

Br. Wes Regan
March 29, 2024

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