“A Formless Fire” interview with Ike Baker

Br. Ike Baker and I open the interview talking about his first book “A Formless Fire”, including his motivations for writing the book and who he thinks would enjoy reading it. We then talk a little about some upcoming conferences and events, closing with an extensive background of his time in The Craft.

Ike Baker is an initiate of several lineages within the modern Western Esoteric traditions including Freemasonry, Martinism and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. He is Imperator of the Aroueris-Hathor Temple in Asheville, North Carolina, as well as an author and content creator who hosts the ARCANVM YouTube Channel and Podcast. creating documentary-style presentations and interviewing some of the top scholars, practitioners, and authors in occultism, magic, and esoteric traditions. He is also a co-founder of the 2024 New Hermopolis International Conference being held in October of this year at the New Hermopolis eco-village in Egypt near the ruins of Hermopolis Magna, which will host keynote speakers and presentations from scholars and practitioners in the modern esoteric traditions. Ike is also one of the co-founders and organizer of the 2024 Southeastern Masonic Symposium in Asheville, North Carolina taking place June 8th and 9th. His debut book entitled A Formless Fire: Rediscovering the Magical Traditions of the West was published earlier this year by Tria Prima Press.

A Formless Fire: Rediscovering the Magical Traditions of the West, is podcaster, lecturer, and practitioner Ike Baker’s debut book on the history, theory, and practice of the Western Esoteric Traditions. An ambitious first offering, A Formless Fire takes the reader on an epic tour of the ancient histories, philosophies, and worldview from which the modern occult and magical traditions emerged, supplying much-needed context and insight culled from two decades of research and practice in such arts as astrology, alchemy, tarot, geomancy, and ceremonial magic. Baker follows the astro-theological and theurgic threads of magical philosophy and practice beginning in Hellenized Egypt, culminating in their transmission throughout the history of western civilization to the modern day, while elaborating their detailed and exhaustive theoretical bases and practical applications.

Tria Prima Press https://triaprima.co/tria-prima-press/

Ike Baker’s Personal Page https://ikebaker.com/

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Happy to meet, sorry to part, happy to meet again.

Br. Ike Baker
April 27, 2024

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